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What are Bitters?

Bitters fill a unique niche in medicine, food, and drink history. The story begins with the alchemical arts in ancient Egypt and ends in America, in a cocktail glass.

Today bitters are an essential part of every bar's toolkit. Bartenders use them as a way to add depth and complexity to cocktails, balancing out sweetness and other flavors for more interesting drinks. To this day their popularity hasn’t subsided. Badass Bitters specializes in DIY Cocktail Bitters Kits for bartenders and at home mixologists alike.

These kits include all the essentials needed for making your own bitters including high-quality botanicals that have been carefully sourced from around the world. Each kit also includes easy-to-follow instructions so anyone can make their own signature batch at home!

Now your customers can continue the tradition with a Badass Bitters DIY Cocktail Bitters Kit. Perfect for those wanting to break away from traditional cocktail recipes or explore new flavors!

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