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Badass Bitters

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Bring out your inner alchemist with our Badass Bitters DIY Cocktail Bitters Kits. This educational kit walks you through the infusion process that has been part of medicinal practices for centuries. The kit includes step-by-step instructions and a worksheet to guide you through the process.


Welcome to Badass Bitters DIY Cocktail Bitters Kits! 

What are bitters?

Bitters fill a unique niche in medicine, food, and drink history. The story begins with the alchemical arts in ancient Egypt and ends in America in a cocktail glass. The ancients made the first bitters by extracting the healing (and flavor) qualities of flowers, peels, seeds, barks, and herbs through an infusion process using wine and, later, distilled alcohol.

Why are bitters used in cocktails?

In 1806, the cocktail appeared: “…COCKTAIL, then, is a stimulating liquor, comprised of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters.” This first publishing of the word “cocktail” and its definition appeared in The Balance, Columbian Repository in Hudson, New York. By the early twentieth century, cocktail culture flourished, and bitters became the secret sauce in the classics. Today, you become the alchemist-mixologist with our Badass Bitters DIY educational kit, infusing and making bitters. Badass.


In 1816, Capt. Henry Hall was the first to cultivate cranberries on Cape Cod. Little did he know that in 125 years, cranberry with vodka and lime would become the coastal fav, Cape Codder. Our kit blends cranberry with botanicals complimenting all spirits, from rums and whiskies to gin and vodka. Add a few drops to your Martini or Manhattan. Cheers!

Bitters are to cocktails as spices are to food. Our Badass Bitters Kit empowers you to release the flavors of nature as you learn about bitters and make your cocktail bitters. Each kit makes approximately 10 oz. of your house-made bitters. 

KIT INCLUDES Botanical-herb mix, cheesecloth, eyedropper bottle, label, funnel, Instructional worksheet, and cocktail recipes.

YOU ADD 1-1/2 cups of high-proof whiskey.

Capt. Hall’s Ingredients: dried cranberry, devil’s club root, wild cherry bark, schizandra berry, cinchona bark, cassia chip, dried orange peel, allspice berry, clove, star anise.

Kit box dimensions: 3” w x 5” t x 3” d 

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Welcome to Badass Bitters

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